Avalonian Warriors Of Sacred Sound Sacred Sound Activations & Energy Healing
Glastonbury, Somerset

Healing from Addiction, Child Abuse, Rape And Trauma

Unfortunately the world today is full of people who’ve been abused as children or experienced rape which can lead to a life full of guilt and shame, which then, very often leads to addiction which in fact has many guises and forms.

It’s not just the addictions we see everyday in society like drugs and alcohol, we can in fact be addicted to many things like shopping, gambling, sex or even just negative thought patterns which can really make our lives totally unmanageable.

I have been working with people who are trying to beat their addictions for some time now, many of which have indeed experienced abuse, rape and trauma in their lives and not knowing how to deal with it all turned to drink, drugs, sex or gambling to cope with the way they were feeling.

The healing modalities that I offer are fantastic at releasing shame, negative behaviours and feelings of not being good enough for this world, whilst calming, relaxing and grounding a person so that they can feel safe to talk and work on themselves which helps them let go of the trauma and move forward in life as a more whole individual.

I have had my own experiences of abuse so feel I can really help and understand my clients due to this, it is indeed my passion to be able to help you heal from this soull shattering stuff as I understand totally what it can do to a person.

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