Avalonian Warriors Of Sacred Sound Sacred Sound Activations & Energy Healing
Glastonbury, Somerset

Group Crystal Sound Activation . Crystal sound activation tools.

Heal With Sacred Sound

Crystal sound activation is a therapy that heals through using an array of sound healing tools.

I use hand held singing bowls, singing crystal pyramids, shamanic drums and rattles, crystal tuning forks, temple bells and an amazing ocean drum which sounds just like the sea.

All these sounds when put together will align you to your natural state of being and clear negative energies and blocks from the aura ans chakras too.

This healing group therapy is very powerful indeed and you will enter a state of Theta which is a state below relaxation and where the deepest of healing takes place.

I will also invite you before the session to choose a clear quartz crystal to hold during the session. This crystal will work with you to absorb any negative energies that you may have built up over time, and after setting your intention of what you’d like to release you’ll be taken on a complete healing sound journey which will help you to connect to everything around you, and more importantly to your natural state of being.

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