Avalonian Warriors Of Sacred Sound Sacred Sound Activations & Energy Healing
Glastonbury, Somerset

Therapies Offered. Therapy room


Hands on energy healing session £60
Avalonian Alignment Healing session £80 per session
Crystal Sound Activation £80 60 minute session
Crystal attunements £100
Distant healing £50
Meditation £60 per session.
Arcturian healing £80 for 1 hour session
Atlantean healing £80 for 1 hour session
Group Crystal Sound Activation £12~£15 per person for 1 hour.
Group meditation sessions also available enquire by email.
I also offer a prescription of crystals for £5 extra. This is for you to take a crystal home so that it can help absorb any negative energies that I may have found during your treatment.
Concessions available for people on very low income too.

All there's therapies will balance the chakra energy system on an emotional, mental physical and spiritual level and release any blockages that have formed during the stresses of modern life.
The energy I channel called 'ki' meaning 'life force' energy will bring balance and serenity into your life and help you feel more connected to Mother Earth and others around you.

There are around 88,000 chakras in our energy systems which flow in and around our bodies and aura but the main seven I will work on are

First chakra
Root or base chakra situated at the base of our spine which represents our basic survival instincts and when balanced will help you become grounded.

Second chakra
Sacral chakra which is situated just below the naval and represents your sexual energy and creativity.

Third chakra
Solar plexus which is situated just below the rib cage and above the naval and represents emotions. Fears and your own personal power.

Fourth chakra
Heart chakra which is in the centre of your chest and represents the giving and reviving of love.

Fifth chakra
Throat chakra situated in your throat and is the communication center and helps balance your inner truth and helps you to speak honestly.

Sixth chakra
Third eye which is situated between the eyebrows and is the center of your intuition.

7th chakra
Crown chakra which is situated at the crown of your head and will open you up to the healing energies of the universe and connect you to source or a higher power.

Imbalances in the chakra system can manifest in all kinds of ways if blocked.
You may feel out of control or unable to communicate or speak your truth or even just disconnected from life in general. All my healing techniques will help you with these.

Crystal therapy also helps to remove blockages in the chakra system. as I said on the previous page they are fully cleansed and charged before every treatment

Crystal attunements are available and involve a healing session and then a ritual to connect and attune you to the powerful healing energies of ethereal crystals such as clear quartz and rose quartz. There are nine separate attunements and the first will connect you to the more common crystals that are easily available either from me or many places on the internet.

I can also attend events such as pamper parties, birthday parties, healing events and festivals or any other event you wold like to have a healer at.
I can also come to your home if preferred as some people like to be in their own environment for healing.

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